Tuesday, November 17, 2009

where dreams come true!

saturday was such a fun day! it started out with some snow! burr. it was pretty cold outside, but good thing i had gloves :) me and matthew first went to Sam's Club to get him some snow tires for his car. While we were waiting, we sampled some of the foods:) twice! haha they had some yummy meatballs. delicious! then we went over to the food court, shared a hot dog and a churro. mmm. then on the way out, we saw this older man pushing out one of those really big carts that people have when they have a bunch of stuff, so we offered to help him load it al into his car. He must have been buying for vending machines or a store because he had SO much stuff. and it was just drinks mainly. But, we were able to do that service for him which made us feel good :)

A little bit later, it was time for our big date :) Olive Garden, then DISNEY PRINCESSES ON ICE!!! ah. olive garden was way good, as usual. I got spaghetti and matthew got chicken parmesan. both were yum. then we headed over to the arena :) we parked in the LDSBC parking garage since it is free for students. and we walked over to the Energy Solutions Center. All the little girls were all dressed up as one of the Princesses, SO CUTE! i am totally doing that with my daughter when i have one haha. but i felt like i was the ONLY one not dressed up haha guess i didn't get the memo. But it was way fun! i have a lot of pictures up on facebook. My camera died at intermission :( so i didn't get as many pics as i would have liked to. but oh well, i got some good ones.

Throughout the whole show, there were cute little girls dancing, singing, and asking questions behind and beside us! it was adorable. There was a cute little girl right behind us who was so concerned about the little mermaid, she kept asking "Where did ariel go?! is she okay?!" haha it was precious. Overall, it was soo fun. i would definitely go again! haha

The whole thing was matthew's idea, i had mentioned that i had wanted to go, but a week or so after i had mentioned it, he bought the tickets without me even knowing! he is such a sweetheart!What a wonderful weekend it was! its been about 2 and a half months now since we started dating, time has flown by so quickly! But he is way sweet and is super good to me. He puts up with my weird self much better than anyone haha I'm glad we get to spend time together almost daily.
I also have recently come to a realization about how much i owe my mother. She, IS AMAZING. seriously. i don't know how she does it. In a recent conversation with her, i realized how much i have taken what she did/does for granted. She's had it harder than i ever thought. I love her so much!!! and i cant wait to go home in a week and tell her in person. She is my idol. :)

I get to go home in a week! but first i have about 3 papers to write.. so i better start on those!

xoxo haley jean

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

blessings only come to those who notice -dove chocolate

lately, I've been thinking a lot about the meaning of life and how important it is to not take anything for granted. In the past month, my bishop, an old friend who was my age, and Fort Hood victims have all passed away. All of these deaths were unexpected and way tragic. Life has so much meaning, live like it was your last day.

My bishop was in perfect health, had just had a 'checkup' with the doctor a few weeks before and nothing was wrong. He was mountain bike riding with his son, who is about 24(?), and had a sudden heart attack and died instantly. That same morning, him and his wife had gone to the temple. What a wonderful way to end your life. I was able to go to the viewing and funeral. Our ward was able to participate in the funeral by singing a hymn. it was a wonderful experience. way sad. He was able to spend quality time with each of his 3 kids before he passed away(all of his kids were married). And i found out that 3 years ago, 2 of his kids were killed in a car accident.. way sad also. Then, this past Sunday, his wife and 3 kids came to our fast and testimony meeting, each bore their testimony to us and it was awesome. lots of tears.

On a happier note, i am now the official ward pianist and music director. music director meaning choosing hymns for Sunday. it is a pretty cool calling, pretty easy not requiring too much. and my mom sent me a spiral hymn book and a spiral children's song book! so, during my free time i try to go down to the common room and practice. and i have the challenge/opportunity of going to ward council on Sunday mornings at 8 am. i say 'challenge/opportunity' because lately i have not had the best mood of going to ward council, you could say it has been a problem... and yesterday in communications i learned that we should never use the word 'problem'. if we see it as a problem, we are less likely to 'solve' the problem. but, when seeing it as an opportunity or a challenge, we are much more likely to want to achieve it. so that is my new goal, to see things as challenges and opportunities rather than problems :)

Thanksgiving is also coming up. I'm way excited to go home. I am thankful for having braces because i wouldn't be going home if i didn't have them :) I am also thankful for technology and the opportunity it gives me the opportunity to communicate with family on a daily basis. I am also thankful for my wonderful family, I don't know what I'd do without them, THEY ARE AMAZING. My love for them has grown so much while I have been away at school. I miss them dearly and can't wait to be home again! I am also thankful for my wonderful friends, including Matthew. They are such amazing influences on me and we always have so much fun together. I am so thankful for Elder Erickson who introduced Matthew and me. :) Matthew is seriously amazing! he never gets mad at me. Once, I spilled a full frosty in his car and he laughed! He didn't get mad at all. And yesterday we made mac &cheese and I pretended that I dropped the bowl and spilled it in the other room.. "UH OH!" i said.. he replied with "What happened?" "I spilled ...all of it!" and he replied with, "Oh it's okay." Now, i was totally joking trying to see what he would do. He is such a good influence! and he has been reading the Book of Mormon daily which encourages me that i need to be doing the same thing in my life.

Overall, I love my friends and family so much!!

also, just recently I have been reminded of how pretty my sister is.. please admire :)

she is amazingly beautiful! i am so happy for her! she is getting married december 23 in the Dallas, Texas Temple! :) way exciting!! it will be the a good reunion with all the siblings since June! way too long! I will be seeing Aly and Alicia tomorrow at Aly's wedding shower, I am excited. I will also be seeing my grandmother and aunt Melissa whom both i haven't seen in a long time, twill be a marvelous occasion :)

"I have a family here on earth, they are so good to me. I want to spend my life with them through all eternity. Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Father's plan. I always want to be with my own family, and the Lord has shown me how i can..."

love you all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'live from your heart, it will never steer you wrong'-dove chocolate

I've been oober busy with school work lately, i feel like i am always behind and can never catch up. But i think I'm close! Halloween was fun. the morning started off with stake conference for church and watched the world premier of "Treasures in Heaven". our stake president is the producer or something like that of the movie, so we have special privileges:) haha then afterwards, we went home and changed then went to sugar house park and took a nap in the sun.it was a much needed nap for sure. after the nap, we went and watched ice age 3. if you haven't seen it, go watch now! way funny/cute/happy movie. after ice age we went and got a pizza. yum. and then went and watched HP6 :) both movies were at the dollar theater and i was able to finish out my cinemark gift card my mom gave me ages ago:) after the movie, we went and just watched 'Obsessed' with KaKa and Mattipoo. way fun :) love my best friends!!
so yesterday, merrili and i went grocery shopping:) we lasted three weeks this time before having to go, pretty good if you ask me! along with our starbursts, we got dove chocolate this time! way yum. especially the dark chocolate! i love eating them. not only because they taste so
good, but also because each chocolate has a little inspirational message :) here are a few I've eaten..
'Live from your hear, it will never steer you wrong.'
'Never stop learning.'
'Don't stress-think, and this too shall pass.'
'Celebrate the small victories in life.'

just want to mention. how much
this kid cracks me up.I'm so glad my facebook stalking lead to actually meeting :)

don't forget to look at the shirt he is wearing, simple the greatest one ever:)