Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hello again!

hello again!

so, thanks to my dear friend holly nielson, i have been inspired to start blogging again! i know my life isn't super exciting, but, like holly said, maybe one day it will help someone, or make someone happy! So i will try to do exactly that!

It has been almost 8 months since i last blogged!! crazy how time flies. SO much has happened in the past 8 months too! Life is going pretty good right now. This post is dedicated to holly nielson! She is such an amazing girl! We met a few weeks before this semester started and she has been such a light in my life! She is a WONDERFUL person and makes me want to be better. So holly, if you are reading this, consider yourself LOVED! This is holly and i :)

love that girl!!

Today i am going to focus on things i am thankful at this time in my life. There are ALOT of things and people, so it will be pretty general :)


1. the new TSWIFT cd.

it is the ONLY thing i have been listen
ing to for the past week and a half and it still is NOT old. love it. She is my idol. i hope to be able to influence people like she has.

2. my roommates.

although we have our arguments...i still
love them. :)devweee and mewawee


( who is getting married November 27!!! )


i love having Aly and Chase in the same state as me. As well as grandmother and poppy:) little pieces of home.

and my family home in Texas.

my beautiful little sister, Taryn

my handsome little brother, Mason.
my AMAZING mother and grandma. can never thank them enough.
dillon& dad&janet
and all my extended family as well.
i have an incredible family. i wouldn't trade them for anything.

4. the Book of Mormon
5. LOVE.
a friend of mine once told me...

"love is like money. everyone wants it, yet not everyone has it. And you don't know what you really had til it's gone."

well that is it for today! comments would be much appreciated!

"it turns out freedom aint nothing but missing you
Wishing that I realized what I had when you were mine"
-taylor swift :)