Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Yesterday i realized because i dont have a spring break, i only have 6 weeks of school left! SOOO exciting. I cannot wait to come home to my family and friends! I get to come home around april 17th. cannot wait! the month of march is filled with so much fun! This weekend Matts family comes in town for Baby Owen's baby blessing, then march 11th, my brother Chase is coming to visit! lots of fun activities are planned! including Matt teaching me and Chase how to snowboard! eek. sort of nervous. but should be fun. Then the 23rd-ish me and Matt are driving to Cali for his spring break! He gets a spring break, but not me... BUT i end at the beginning of April and he ends beginning of May.. :) soo we're driving to Cali on Tuesday or Wednesday and coming back sunday. We'll go to Disneyland and Magic Mountain! cannot wait!! then a few weeks after that i go home! i cannot believe my freshman year of college has gone by so quickly. its soo crazy. seems like yesterday i was still in highschool... thank goodness i am NOT! haha anyways. life is good right now! classes are good, friends are good, family is good, and boyfriend is amazing. couldn't be happier!

things i am loving:
the salt lake temple. and living so close to it.being surrounded by the beautiful utah mountains.school. beginning and ending every class with a prayer. love it.my amazingly wonderful boyfriend. couldnt ask for anyone better.

things i am missing:
my bestfriends in texas.and summertime.

my family.
especially my mom!

:) and is loving skype at the moment. so add me. haley.jean.marstella

love you all!! :)