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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tuesday night Erika&Matthew accompanied me to Ptown to visit Aly&Alicia! it was way fun. we took the straight shot bus from salt lake to Provo and the picture to the side shows the weather (aka SNOW) that decided to come down while we were on our way. You can also see Erika's computer playing One Tree Hill :) i think we got Matthew liking that show!

So, once we got there, our hungry tummies called for panda! Yum! it was a good choice. we got panda to go and then walked over to Aly! It was good to see her :) and then, to make it even better, ALICIA came by!! bah i miss them! but it was lots of fun. The main purpose of the trip to provo was to eat cake balls.. i mean get fitted for bridesmaid attire. haha and the cake balls were definitely a plus. and Erika and i decided we are making those on Sunday. YUM! hm so after we ate and chatted a bit at aly's, it was time for us to head home.. or so we thought. we got a little confused about the bus schedule.. so we ended up waiting at the bus stop for about 30 minutes before it came..haha and then we had to catch the trax home too. it was getting super cold too! burr!! it even started snow while we were waiting...

You can't tell too much, but i was snowing. and oober cold. but, we manage to stay warm. So, because of the extreme cold weather we are beginning to experience now, today after class i unpacked all my winter clothing from under my bed. and by "all my winter clothing" i mean a few long sleeve shirts and 10 or so sweatshirts. yeah, not much at all.. that's what happens when you move from Texas to Utah haha. oh well. my daily attire always includes my ugg boots, and my pea coat that i gladly invested in. good choice. and my gloves should be getting here soon too! and then earmuffs too. exciting! and the heater in our room has started to be used. the first time we turned it on the smell of burning filled our room, but now it is good. haha it is getting some good use, and will be used daily very soon for sure.
as for school, i turned a communications paper today, have two more due in that class next week.. and then an economics test tomorrow, economics paper due next week.. and an English paper due on Monday.. lots of paper to write. you could say ill be busy this weekend! oh yes, and this weekend is HALLOWEEN! yay! i'm pretty excited. There is a Halloween dance at school tomorrow night, and then Saturday I'm not exactly sure what my plans are... maybe a corn maze? i want to trick or treat .. but I'm not sure how many people would give 19 year olds candy.. and i don't have little siblings to steal candy from anymore! sad day! haha oh well, we'll find something fun to do.

well, now i am off to study for economics...wish me luck!

these were taken the other night on our way back salt lake from Provo :)




Tuesday, October 27, 2009

snow in october?!?!

That ^ is what i saw when i walked outside to go to school...yes, that is SNOW.
oh boy.BURRRR!
and after class...i walk out and see the mountains completely WHITE!

so, what i heard yesterday sure enough came true. it snowed. alot! during my communications class this morning it was snowing alot alot and we one of the walls is a big window, so i was definitely distracted. it is so pretty though!! and it's not too cold.. yet! i know soon enough it will be freeeezing.

so i have decided that i love tuesdays and thursdays. first of all, it is because i only have one class, 9:20-10-50, and then i am done for the day. all this time allows for napping, finishing homework, and just relaxing. love it. second of all, it is because me and erika have started a tradition/habit of going to the temple on both of these mornings, i couldn't of a better way of starting my day! and third of all, because tuesdays we always have devotionals at 11 at school. various people have come to speak to us, including:

-President Richards (president of LDSBC). September 8. He talked about how the LDS Business College is a 'temple of learning', and how it is a place to prepare us for the building up of Zion.

- Bishop Keith McMullin spoke to us on September 15th about the Business College itself and the history. He also spoke on what it means to judge righteously.

-Oscar W. McConkie III spoke on September 22. He focused on the U.S. Constitution. Christ taught, 'I am the law'. The reason he gives us these laws is because he loves us.

-Alan E. Hall spoke on September 29. He talked about giving to others, and referenced Jacob 2:18-19 which says it is our duty " clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive." He has been very successful in his life and has founded many organizations that focus on giving to the poor, and feeding the hungry. way cool guy.

-Susan Tanner talked on October 6th. She focused on the temple and its holiness. She said we each need to have a place where we can go that is holy to us where we can thing and ponder in peace. Emma Smith said "Lay aside the things of the world for the things of a better."

-President Henry B. Eyring spoke at our Presidents inauguration, way cool experience. i was in the 5 row, so close! He said alot of things, but the main quote i liked was, "Don't be discouraged when things look bleek, nor too proud when things go well." He also said we need to "be optimistic, dream large, and be vigorous."

-Gerald N. Lund spoke on Oct. 20th. He is the author of many books including "The Work & The Glory" series. He told many stories about pioneers and talked about them being 'undaunted', meaning characterized by courage&tenacity nor being discouraged or dismayed.

-Andy Hogan spoke today. While he was on his mission in Taiwan the unknown bipolar disorder came alive and had to be sent home because of his outbreaks. At one point it got so bad that he thought his companion was God.. and bowed down to him.. another time he thought his companion was the devil and bit his leg so hard that today,there is still a scar on his leg.Scary.. He has written two books telling his story in detail. He said, "never quit fighting, never lose hope, LIFE IS GOOD." Way cool story, and today he has a family and is able to perform normal tasks. way cool recovery.

anyways. thats just an overview of all of the devotionals we've had so far. I haven't missed one yet! I enjoy going each week. I know the people we have come talk to us may not be as cool as the Prophet (like BYU gets) but it is still way cool and i come away learning something new everytime. love it.

later today i am headed down to ptown (provo) with erika to visit aly, get fitted for bridesmaid skirt(!!!!), and eat cake balls! YUM! and i have lots of papers due this week and the coming, so ill work on those on the way there.. exciting stuff.



Monday, October 26, 2009


so, i have recently been inspired to start a blog, thanks to my sister, Aly, and cousin, Alicia. so here it goes. enjoy.

it has taken my longer than i thought it would to create is definitely harder than it looks! at least for me haha I've spent a couple hours now trying to get it to look like i want.. but it still isn't there. one day.. haha

life is good. i love all my classes (but one..econ). I've made lots of new friends, and i couldn't have a better room mate! we get along so well and like the same sorts of things. it has turned out really nicely! and by chance, I've gotten to see my mom almost once a month since I've been at school. i guess there are some perks to having braces! haha i get to go home for appointments, which you would think would be annoying, but,so far, it has been sort of nice. especially since my last appointment just happened to fall on homecoming weekend for my high school!

so. my sister, Aly, is getting married super soon! on December 23rd in Dallas. craziness.

it is getting pretty chilly here in salt lake.. i don't know how ready i am for snow.. i know its inevitable though. i have one big winter coat which i am excited to wear, it's way cute! but i have considered hibernation haha i will be bundled up constantly! i really want to build a snow man though..with REAL snow.. texas snow doesn't count as real snow. but, i hear it is suppose to snow tomorrow?! eek. ready or not, here it comes...

favorite song at the moment, "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City.
craving at the moment, purple starbursts
obsession at the moment, christmas music

I've also been missing summer lately, i am ready for it to be here haha here are some of the pictures and people that i have been missing:
the lake



and lots of other peoplee/events.

overall, summer needs to be here already!!