Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 already...

January 2010
so, here i am , watching 'Another Cinderella Story". Considering i haven't posted anything since.. NOVEMBER 17! i thought i should update this thing. I started this blog with the intentions of updating once a month.. never thought of taking a 2 month vacation from this. So, new year, new start. No more 2 month breaks!

So since i attended the Disney Princesses on Ice many many this happened. Thanksgiving happened.Church calling happened. Surgery happened.Aly and Danny's wedding happened.Christmas happened. New Years happened.and as of two nights ago, Black hair happened.

All of the things above were absolutely wonderful. even surgery, it was one step closer to getting my braces off. and especially the wedding.. twas fabulous-also, i now play piano for church, for Sunday school, for ward choir, and for my religion class..and i absolutely love every second of it. Didn't think i would at first, but now, its amazing. I LOVE playing and practicing..especially when the song i'm playing for ward choir is an incredible arrangement of 'I Believe in Christ'. It is awesome. I don't think i could have a better calling.

The wedding was SPECTACULAR! SO fun. and beautiful. Aly was gorgeous and it was so fun to have our family as well as Danny's all together. Everything went perfectly.I LOVE HER.
i'm so glad she is my sister!


everything is so perfect right now. i have wonderful class, i love all 6 of them. my friends are amazing. I love my new hair(pictures coming soon!). matthew is AMAZING! and now that he has met my family, they love him too. how much more could i ask for!? haha he has been gone this week because his brother has finished his mission, so he was able to have dinner at my house with all my family! While he's been gone i've been able to spend lots of time with kaka (erika). lots of good times together haha we went to the school's ugly sweater dance last night, sooo fun. and then we made a fort and watched Bedtime Stories with adam sandler. Also yesterday i finished reading 'Dear John' SOO AMAZING! go read it. seriously. its by nicholas sparks-an amazing writer. But that is what i have been up to besides classes and homework.

now that it's a new year, i've set some goals for this year.Here are a few i'd like to share. I figure if i put them onhere, i'll be more apt to doing them! Some of them are struggling but i am working on them!

-Read scripts/Pray on a regular basis
-Work out daily
-Don't procrastinate. on anything

-Get enough sleep every night
-Do my visiting teaching.and love it

Life is going by so quickly, and i am enjoying every minute of it! Here are some of the fun pictures that have been taken lately! and one of my hair, you cant tell too much, but its darker!

Love always,

Haley Jean