Friday, April 9, 2010


wow wow

this past month has been absolutely amazing. probably the best full month i have had in a while. the first thing that happened was:

this was SO fun. i cannot explain how nice it was to have a little bit of home here with me. he came for his spring break, and he definitely had the best break anyone could ever had.

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we spent a whole day walking around temple square. we took tours of the Beehive House, the Conference Center, and watching the Joseph Smith Movie at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. these were such amazing experiences to have with my brother. we had lots of fun and i cant wait to go to school with him next fall :)

we were also able to spend several days with aly as well. we went to dinner with our grandparents twice and had a delicious dinner made by grandmother and had lots of laughs playing five crowns with poppy.
Also while at grandmother and poppys, matt and i had fun taking pictures on the swing in the backyard :) i love him!

So, being from Texas, where it rarely snows (except for as of recently), Chase and I are foreign to snow activities. SO,


this was an.. interesting and embarrassing process actually. i can now look back and laugh, but it was pretty frustrating haha the first time up, i feel getting off the ski lift, which made them have to slow down the lift to get me out of the way! haha so funny! It was lots of fun and Matt was SO incredibly patient. another reason why i love him!

chase definitely caught on 100 times faster than i did, and probably had lots more fun than i did. haha matt and chase had some great bonding time together too :) this is a picture of chase coming down the mountain, looking like a true snowboarder! haha matt was obviously a really good teacher! a few days after snowboarding, we went up to spend time with our aunt and uncle from Texas, uncle lance and aunt phoebe in sundance. We played games, ate wonderful food and spent a great time with our family. Chase stayed with them at their cabin and was able to learn how to ski too!! how fun!!

a week later, after Chase went home, the next amazing thing that happened:

CALIFORNIA!So, going to the LDSBC, we dont get to have a spring break, and instead get finished with school at the beginning of april (3 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL!) , but matt goes to the university of utah (booooo) and gets a spring break. SOO i decided to give myself a spring break:) we spent a whole week in california,spending time with his family, going to the beach, going to DISNEYLAND andd magic mountain. many good times were had. I was able to meet his dad and his sister, emily, and her 2 kids. SO cute!! This is little Zach, he was in love with that balloon! :)

LOTS happened in California, but something even better happened when we got back. So for those of you who dont know, Matt put his mission papers in about 5 and a weeks ago i believe. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get your call, so he was expecting it to get there in the next week or so after we got back. SOOO On the way home from california, matts roommate texts him "i checked the mail today" which got us all anxious! and then he said "it didnt come today" and shortly after that text this one came "IT CAME WEDNESDAY!!!" i'm pretty sure matt drove 95 the rest of the way home haha not that he wouldnt have driven that fast anyways. :) soooo. we got home around 9:30, Julie and Tyson (Matt's sister and her husband) came over to be apart of it. we also had his grandma, and mother and brother on speaker phone, with my family on webcam :) I just love the advances in technology!

So with all of our loved ones in tune, matt opened his call.

"Dear Elder Erickson, You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the ......


"You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the English language"

this was the highlight of my year. i have seen this boy progress in every way. He is such a light in my life, he has changed my life and I look forward to hearing how he is changing others lifes. I know he will be an amazing missionary and bless so many peoples lives.

he is going to be an elder erickson!!!!! :)

exciting!!!!!that boy is so amazing. words cant even describe it.

So, continuing on that spiritual high, Matt and I were able to attend the saturday morning session of general conference this past weekend. SO AMAZING. i absolutely LOVE general conference and it was so amazing to be there in person, and being there with matt made it even better.
And Sunday was Easter, and we were able to remember again the wonderful act of kindness our Savior did for us.That morning we had the opportunity to sing on temple squares to sort of drown out the protesters. Man was that somthing to experience. About 100 people were with us as we sang. We bordered the side walk on each side across the street from the conference center and spent 3 hours singing hymns. The spirit was incredible and it was pretty amusing to see the protesters get irritated with us. People are so funny sometimes, they protest against something they dont even understand or know anything about; ridiculous. And Sunday night Aly, Danny, Grandmother, Poppy, Matt and I were invited over to Aunt Melissa's and Uncle Scott's for dinner. Lots of good laughs there, I LOVE MY FAMILY!

OH ANDD!!!! My favorite cousin is putting in her mission papers on sunday!! :) i am sooo excited for her. she is such a wonderful example i love her so much!!!!:))

I have 3 days of school left, 8 days til i go home to my family and friends, and lots of days til matthew leaves on his misison (he doesnt like me counting down) haha.

I am loving my life. and i cannot wait to go home to see my mom!